Skin Care

   1/Basic Facial:  60 mins – $65.00

Facial are gentle treatment for the skin using multiple steps to give your skin nutrients and hydration.

  •       1).  Cleansing:  Cleanse your skin using a high-end cleanser appropriate for your skin type.
  •       2).  Steaming:  steaming helps open up the pores, make easy to extract blackhead and whitehead.
  •       3).  Massage:  A facial massage not only help the muscles in your
  • face, relax and also lymphatic drainage.
  •       4).  Facial mask:  is target to your skin type. During waiting the esthetician will give you a scalp massage.
  •       Final:  Application of toner, serum, moisture, and sun cream.
65 mins _ $80.00

 Acne treatment aims to effectively cleanse on exfoliate and extract blackhead, whitehead, pustules and discourages new blemishes from appearance.

      LED light therapy eliminates bacterial without damage your skin prevent breakout existing acne, brighter and clear skin.

70 mins _ $85.00

 If you are looking for solution for skin condition such as UV radiation damage rosacea, redness, melasma and skin discoloration. We incorporate YELLOW and GREEN light therapy to enhance your skin. Calms skin with anti-inflammatory properties improve hyper pigment cells energy metabolism. Stimulates nutrients uptake into the skin. Repair damage skin treat sunburn, reduce the appearance of redness and swelling, promotes lymphatic drainage.

80 mins _ $120.00

            Signs of aging, Deep line, Sagging

      We will used Radiofrequency alternating current to heat tissue in the dermis to increase collagen, the body release heat shock proteins that stimulate new collagen fiber to be created. Skin becoming firmer, smoother, thicker, and more youthful.

      We will continue the treatment with micro-current therapy. Micro-current is delivered into the skin, they stimulate the facial muscles to contract.

    This is extremely beneficial for decreasing,puffiness, lifting muscles,better blood circulation and natural facelift achieving incredible result without and need for Botox and fillers.

100 mins _ $150.00

      Hydro dermabrasion LDM High Frequency Ultrasound (combos)

  •           1.  Hydro dermabrasion:  hydrate, cleanse and revitalize skin while supporting health blood circulation, collagen, and elastin production, tighten skin, leaves skin smooth and glowing
  •           2.  Diamond Dermabrasion:  the diamond head tip work to exfoliate the skin as it move across it, pushing active serums into the skin exfoliate dead skin cells, help erase wrinkles and fine lines, moisturizer skin, treat hyperpigmentation and even skin tone and texture.
  •         3. LDM     High frequency Ultrasound:  beneficial you can see reduction in wrinkles tighten sagging skin, lightening of cellulite. Heat and relax muscles to decrease tension and discomfort.
  •         4.  Electroporation:  targets localized adiposity, stretch marks, resurfaces facial skin for a more even tone and glowing complexion, anti-aging, fades acne scars.
50 mins _ $90.00
  •       All treatment area target on:  Abdomen, Buttocks, Legs, Arms, and Back
  •         1.  Vacuum therapy:  massage the skin increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage, reduce appearance of cellulite.  Increase metabolism and burn fat at faster, tone and smooth skin.
  •         2.  Ultrasonic Cavitation:  is beneficial burst bulks of fat cells instantly, no discomfort or pain to you, body contouring slimming and weight loss. 
20 mins _ $45.00
  •               The sauna blanket beneficial: Support weight loss, the immune system, improve circulation.
  •           Increase metabolism relief for muscles tension and helps detoxify the body.
8/ Suggestion Add On:
  • Collagen Gloves Or Collagen Socks while having facial helps your dry hands or dry feet soften : $10.00